New Alliance Report: State Industrial Efficiency Ranking

The Alliance for Industrial Efficiency released an exciting new report that ranks states on their potential for industrial energy efficiency and CHP/WHP to reduce carbon emissions. This report – State Ranking of Potential Carbon Dioxide Emission Reductions through Industrial Energy Efficiency – demonstrates that states could help the industrial sector seize enormous opportunities to cut carbon emissions, while saving money and making manufacturers more competitive. By investing in industrial energy efficiency (including CHP and WHP), states can cut carbon emissions by 174.5 million short tons in 2030 – equal to the emissions from 46 coal-fired power plants – while saving businesses $298 billion from avoided electricity purchases. This level of carbon emission reduction is nearly one-third of the national emissions reductions called for under the Clean Power Plan.

This analysis finds that the top ten states that would experience the greatest total carbon emission reductions from energy-efficiency improvements in the industrial sector are: Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Michigan, California, Georgia, and Alabama. Most of these states have significant manufacturing industries.

This report is aimed at helping state policymakers, industrial companies, utilities, and others seize the opportunity for industrial energy efficiency and resulting cost savings and emission reductions. This is particularly important as states consider how to implement the Clean Power Plan and as they undertake other planning for the electricity sector. You can read a full copy of the report and the associated press release below, as well as a national factsheet and factsheets for the top 10 states. Additionally, you can listen to telepressers the Alliance participated in related to similar reports from Policy Matters Ohio and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Full report: State Ranking of Potential Carbon Dioxide Emission Reductions through Industrial Energy Efficiency

The report in the media:

Press Release – September 15, 2016 

Telepresser with Policy Matters Ohio – September 15, 2016

Blog post by Alexandra Rekkas – September 19, 2016

Georgia Tech Telepresser & Press Release – September 22, 2016

E&E News ClimateWire – September 23, 2016

Public News Service – September 27, 2016


National Factsheet

Top 10 State Factsheets

1 Texas Factsheet

Ohio Factsheet

3 Illinois Factsheet

4 Indiana Factsheet

5 Pennsylvania Factsheet

6 Kentucky Factsheet

7 Michigan Factsheet

8 California Factsheet

9 Georgia Factsheet

10 Alabama Factsheet

Visit the factsheet page for additional state factsheets.