The Role of CHP in the Department of Energy’s Industrial Decarbonization Roadmap

Sep 28, 2022


On September 7, 2022, the Department of Energy (DOE) released its Industrial Decarbonization Roadmap, a comprehensive report identifying four key pathways to significantly reduce industrial emissions in American manufacturing:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Industrial electrification
  • Low-carbon fuels, feedstocks, and energy sources
  • Carbon capture, utilization, and storage

The roadmap presents a research, development, and demonstration agenda for government, industry, and other stakeholders to work together to accelerate emissions reduction and position the U.S. industrial sector as a global leader in innovation.

“DOE’s Industrial Decarbonization Roadmap will help put the nation on the path to achieving President Biden’s agenda of a cleaner industrial sector that benefits workers and revitalizes communities, while providing a healthier environment for all Americans.” – Jennifer M. Granholm, U.S. Secretary of Energy

The CHP Alliance applauds DOE for publishing this roadmap and acknowledging the urgency needed to drastically cut carbon emissions to meet the nation’s net zero by 2050 goal. We also support DOE in recognizing CHP and WHP technologies as part of the solution towards achieving decarbonization. We put together a factsheet summarizing the opportunities CHP and WHP can provide for reducing emissions across U.S. industrial sectors.


Click here to view the Role of CHP in the Industrial Decarbonization Roadmap Factsheet.

Click here to download the full DOE Industrial Decarbonization Roadmap.