CHP Alliance Statement of Support for Virginia Clean Economy Act

Apr 14, 2020

The Combined Heat and Power Alliance applauds Virginia Governor Ralph Northam for accelerating energy efficiency by signing the Virginia Clean Economy Act into law.

The Virginia Clean Economy Act was passed as House Bill 1526 and Senate Bill 851, which were sponsored by Delegate Richard C. “Rip” Sullivan, Jr. and Senator Jennifer McClellan, respectively. The law sets a schedule for closing old fossil fuel power plants, requires electricity to come from 100 percent renewable sources such as solar or wind, and requires new measures to promote energy efficiency.

In particular, the Act sets an energy efficiency resource standard, requiring third party review of whether energy companies meet savings goals. The Act specifies that energy efficiency programs can include combined heat and power and waste heat recovery.

“The Combined Heat and Power Alliance commends Governor Ralph Northam, Senator Jennifer L. McClellan, Delegate Richard C. ‘Rip’ Sullivan, Jr. and the Virginia General Assembly for their leadership in advancing the Clean Economy Act. The legislation creates an energy efficiency standard for the Commonwealth, requiring utilities to steadily increase efficiency investments. It also provides credits for combined heat and power, the most efficient method of producing electricity. By putting energy efficiency and combined heat and power at the center of Virginia’s clean economy approach, Virginia will save consumers money, create jobs, increase grid resilience, and cut carbon emissions,” said David Gardiner, Executive Director of the Combined Heat and Power Alliance.

To learn more about the Bill, read the press release from Governor Northam.