Stakeholder Support Letter for EPA’s Combined Heat and Power Partnership

May 4, 2018

More than 150 businesses signed on to a stakeholder letter urging Congress to continue to fund the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Combined Heat and Power Partnership (CHP Partnership) and other critical federal energy efficiency programs.

The CHP Partnership seeks to increase the efficiency of energy production by promoting CHP systems that produce both heat and electricity from a single fuel source. Currently, the voluntary program benefits 405 partners, including many businesses, developers, and state and local governments. The CHP Partnership also helps ensure that CHP technology—a vital tool for reducing energy costs at U.S. factories and other large facilities—gets appropriate consideration in the EPA’s clean energy planning.

“Cutting the CHP Partnership would undermine efforts to make U.S. manufacturers more efficient and competitive, increase the reliability of the electric grid, and lower emissions,” said Jennifer Kefer, Executive Director of the Alliance for Industrial Efficiency, which organized the stakeholder letter. “CHP systems can keep the lights and power on at hospitals, factories and universities during extreme storms. Without the CHP Partnership, these facilities would have a much harder time identifying opportunities for cost-effective investments in clean, reliable CHP systems.”

155 companies and facilities signed onto the letter.


Stakeholder letter

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