Public Comment on the Interim Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2030 in Massachusetts

Mar 25, 2021

On Monday March 22nd the CHP Alliance, along with 25 other businesses and organizations with an interest in Massachusetts, sent comments to the Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) regarding the Commonwealth’s 2030 Interim Clean Energy and Climate Plan (CECP). The plan includes strategies to phase out fossil fuel heating system incentives by 2024—under which CHP applies—and we strongly urge the EEA against this decision due to the resiliency, reliability, and emission reduction benefits of CHP systems.

Within these comments, we reference previous letters that we filed with the Northeast Clean Heat and Power Initiative (NECHPI) to the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources regarding the 2020 APS Minimum Standard Review, where a study made claims that natural gas CHP does not reduce carbon emissions, to which NECHPI cited numerous company testimonials and expert analysis to refute said claim.

We have seen several recent attempts to hinder CHP potential in Massachusetts. CHP provides substantial emission and resiliency benefits to the Commonwealth, and now is not the time to lessen incentives for a technology that is both clean and reliable.

Click here to download the comments filed by CHPA.

Click here to download the comments filed by NECHPI, which expand on our recommendations, urging the EEA to revisit its proposal to end incentives for CHP and continue rewarding high efficiency, environmentally superior CHP system.