Public Comment on the California Self-Generation Incentive Program Rulemaking

Mar 30, 2021

On March 29 the CHP Alliance submitted reply comments to the California Public Utilities Commission (Commission) on the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), fully endorsing the recommendations from the California Clean Distributed Generation Coalition (CCDC). Earlier in March the Commission proposed a series of questions on renewable fuels and technologies eligibility in the SGIP, and CCDC commented on two questions in particular: whether the Commission should remove directed biofuels as an eligible fuel and remove internal combustion engines from the list of eligible technologies.

The CHP Alliance supports the CCDC recommendations that the Commission should allow customers to choose among a variety of technologies, rather than arbitrarily eliminating an entire category of equipment, internal combustion engines, from SGIP eligibility. Allowing such choice would facilitate the equitable market-based deployment of CHP, while also ensuring the state maximizes the benefits associated with CHP. Additionally, the Commission should not remove directed biogas as an SGIP-eligible fuel, but rather establish clear eligibility criteria and use requirements for directed biogas.

To read the CCDC original comments click here and to read the CHP Alliance reply comments click here.