Presentation: Ohio Coalition for Combined Heat and Power Webinar

On Wednesday, November 30, Jennifer Kefer presented for an Ohio Coalition for Combined Heat and Power webinar: 

With So Much CHP Potential, What is Ohio Waiting For? Identifying Barriers and Opportunities for Ohio to Advance Cogeneration Technologies 

“Though Ohio has been recognized for years for its high technical potential for deploying efficient cogeneration technologies such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Waste Heat Recovery (WHR), Ohio’s market still lags in new project development. This 60 minute webinar shared how Ohio compares to other states in project development, and explored market and regulatory barriers to development in Ohio. Policy and regulatory experts as well as representatives from the CHP/WER industry also identified opportunities to take advantage of Ohio’s potential to advance CHP/WER in Ohio.”

Speakers: Jeremy Damstra of GEM Energy and Jennifer Kefer of the Alliance for Industrial Efficiency

Hosted by: Miranda Leppla, Ohio Environmental Council

View the webinar recording and the full PDF versions of the presentations from Jennifer Kefer and Jeremy Damstra. Note: Due to a technical error, a few of the slides in the webinar recording were not properly displayed. Please view the PDF copy for the official version of the presentation.