Fact Sheet: National Combined Heat and Power Overview

Jan 18, 2019

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems are much more efficient than traditional power sources, and allow companies — especially in the industrial and commercial sectors — to create jobs, increase economic competitiveness, and boost the resiliency of America’s grid. Over 80 gigawatts (GW) of CHP capacity exists across the U.S. today, with the potential for an additional 149 GW at nearly 300,000 sites nationwide. Benefits of implementing CHP include: vast energy savings, large reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, and projected savings of over $140 billion by 2030. CHP has been installed at various locations — from chemical plants to medical centers to universities — and to further promote CHP’s success, it is important to enact policies which will lift the barriers affecting its deployment.

Our National Combined Heat and Power Overview fact sheet provides a comprehensive overview of the CHP opportunity in the United States and is available for download here.