Alliance Letter Urges Pennsylvania Senate to Oppose Industrial Opt-Out Bill

Jun 8, 2016

The Alliance for Industrial Efficiency submitted a letter to all 50 members of the Pennsylvania State Senate, urging them to reject SB 805, which would allow large industrial and commercial energy consumers to “opt-out” of successful utility-led energy efficiency programs. We believe that this bill, if it becomes law, will adversely affect commercial and industrial energy efficiency, making Pennsylvania less competitive. SB 805 removes an incentive by allowing potential CHP hosts to “opt-out” of the standard. Pennsylvania currently has more than 6,600 megawatts of technical CHP potential in the industrial and commercial sectors. SB 805 would chill many of these investments, damaging Pennsylvania’s industrial and commercial competitiveness and undermining the state’s strong energy-efficiency economy. Click here to read our letter in full.