NE Chapter Advocates for Inclusion of CHP Technologies in Massachusetts Clean Heat Standard

Apr 6, 2024


April 5, 2024 — The Northeast Chapter of the Combined Heat and Power Alliance sent a letter to Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) Commissioner Bonnie Heiple advocating for the inclusion of CHP technologies in the commonwealth’s Clean Heat Standard (CHS). The Chapter has previously filed multiple sets of comments with MassDEP regarding the proposed CHS. While we are encouraged by MassDEP’s recent consideration of “potential mechanisms for emission reduction credits generation in non-residential buildings” related to “non-pipeline clean fuels,” the Chapter strongly believe that hydrogen must be given full credit immediately and in perpetuity, regardless of whether the building is residential or not. Additionally, the Chapter supports crediting for emissions reduction resulting from the use of renewable natural gas and hydrogen. Consistent with the MassDEP’s stated goal of reducing climate pollution, such credit for reductions should be awarded for the use of any alternative fuel, or process such as CHP, that results in reductions in emissions form fossil fuel combustion.

Download the letter here.