Diverse Coalition Supports Energy Efficiency Measures in North Carolina

Jun 15, 2023


June 15, 2023 (Washington, D.C.) — The CHP Alliance and nearly 40 organizations signed a letter to North Carolina’s governor and legislative leadership voicing support for the Efficient Government Buildings and Savings Act (HB570), which aims to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption in state-owned buildings by 40% by 2028. House Bill 570’s increased energy savings goal would save taxpayers an additional $1.1 billion in utility costs by 2025 — all without allocating any public funds, thereby freeing up money to be reinvested in government services, lowered taxes, or additional energy projects.

The CHP Alliance particularly support this bill because combined heat and power is included within the definition of “energy conservation measures” that can be applied to buildings to reduce their energy needs.

“North Carolina has only just begun to tap into the potential of energy efficiency investment,” the letter, organized by Ceres, states. “Passing House Bill 570 will put the state on the road to experiencing significant cost savings and grid resilience as a result of energy efficiency.”

The CHP Alliance is please to join this letter along with several of its members, including:


  • 2G Energy, Inc.
  • AB Energy USA
  • Capstone Green Energy
  • DT Energy Consultants
  • EC POWER Inc.
  • Flex Energy Solutions
  • INNIO Jenbacher
  • Integrated CHP Systems Corp.
  • Kanin Energy
  • Kinsley Energy Systems
  • Kraft Power/ Energy Systems
  • Lima Company
  • Martin Energy Group
  • RENEW Energy Partners
  • TICA

You can download the letter here.