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CHP Alliance Applauds Legislators for Including CHP in the Moving Forward Act

This week, the House Democrats released the text of the Moving Forward Act, which would support energy efficiency and combined heat and power (CHP). Of particular note, it would extend the investment tax credit (ITC) for combined heat and power (CHP) through 2027 at 10% and it would expand the ITC to include waste energy recovery and qualified biogas property at 30% through 2025. Additionally, it directs the Secretary of Energy to establish a program to provide funding to eligible partners for projects that improve resiliency, performance, or efficiency of the electricity grid, and eligible projects include CHP.

Combined Heat and Power Alliance Executive Director David Gardiner stated, “The Combined Heat and Power Alliance applauds the House Democrats for recognizing the important role that CHP can play in putting Americans back to work, increasing grid resilience, saving money for consumers, and decarbonizing the economy. We urge all policymakers to join in efforts to support provisions that would grow this important technology.”

For more information about the Moving Forward Act and other provisions that relate to CHP, see the press release from the House Democrats and the bill text.

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