CHPA Northeast Chapter and 20+ Organizations Support CHP Use to Meet New York Climate Needs

Aug 16, 2023


August 16, 2023 (Washington, D.C.) — The Northeast Chapter of the CHP Alliance, along with more than 20 other organizations, submitted comments to the New York Public Service Commission (NYPSC) regarding Case 15-E-0302, a proceeding to implement New York’s Clean Energy Standard and initiate progress toward its zero-emissions target.

The NE Chapter fully supports the objectives of New York’s Clean Energy Standard and believes that CHP technology can and must play a critical role in facilitating the transition to zero emissions.

The chapter believes CHP should be included in the state’s toolbox for closing the “gap” between the capabilities of existing renewable energy technologies and future system reliability needs. We also argue that the definition of “zero emissions” should maximize the potential for all relevant technologies and systems to help New York reach its decarbonization goals. 

Additionally, the NE Chapter notes that New York’s Final Scoping Plan, the framework for how it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, stresses the importance of developing large amounts of dispatchable generation immediately, and we urge the deployment of CHP to address the decarbonization, resiliency, reliability, just transition, and affordability needs of the state. 

You can view the comments on the NYPSC website here and download them here.