CHPA Members Join Virtual Panel Discussing the Need to Repeal Ohio House Bill 6

Nov 20, 2020


On Monday, November 23rd, 17 members of the Ohio business community and regional developers came together for a virtual panel discussion to share their perspectives on the need to repeal House Bill 6, the legislation passed last year that eliminated the state’s clean energy standards.

This panel discussion follows on the heels of a joint business letter sent by nearly 50 businesses, investors, trade associations, and employers in Ohio to Governor DeWine and members of the Ohio Legislature stating that, “the loss of clean energy and energy efficiency jobs has real implications for our economy. It is critical that the legislature immediately repeal HB 6 to restore confidence in the legislative process and put Ohio back on a path toward economic recovery.”

Here is a link to the full video recording of the virtual panel. Please refer to minute marker 43:25 for the testimony from Patricia Sharkey, who spoke on behalf of two CHP Alliance reciprocal affiliate members: the Heat is Power Association (HiP) and the Midwest Cogeneration Association (MCA).

Here is a link to a local news article in the Highland County Press on the virtual business gathering.