CHP Alliance Comment on Federal Definition of a Zero Emissions Building

Feb 7, 2024


Wednesday, February 7, 2024 (Washington D.C.) – The Combined Heat and Power Alliance submitted comments to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office Request for Information on the Draft National Definition for a Zero Emissions Building: Part 1 Operating Emissions (DE-FOA-0003257).

The CHP Alliance applauds DOE for addressing the need to cut carbon emissions in the building sector and providing a draft definition for a Zero Emissions Building. However, we strongly encourage DOE to broaden the scope of eligible solutions to combat climate change. The definition in its current form misses opportunities to substantially reduce emissions, leaves many building owners without climate solutions implementable today, and increases the likelihood that critical facilities will be without power and heat during the rising number of climate-induced blackouts.

We urge DOE to provide equal treatment of all electricity emissions, regardless of whether they are generated on-site or off-site, and advise DOE to expand the current definition to include all renewable and decarbonized fuels and technologies available now and in the future.

We respond to the following sections within the RFI:

  • Section A: Overall
  • Section B: Energy Efficiency Criteria
  • Section C: On-site Emissions from Energy Use.
  • Section F: Use Cases

Click here to view the full set of CHPA comments.