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Alliance Supports Increased Energy Efficiency with the Arizona Corporation Commission

On May 17, the Alliance submitted a letter to the Arizona Corporation Commission supporting energy efficiency in the state. The Commission’s current Energy Efficiency Resource Standard, which requires 22 percent energy savings by 2020, is highly cost-effective and has led to significant benefits for Arizona ratepayers:

  • Every $1 invested has returned more than ~$4 in benefits;
  • Over $1 billion dollars in net economic benefits have been realized since 2010;
  • Energy-saving programs have served hundreds of thousands of Arizona residents and businesses; and,
  • Tens of thousands energy efficiency jobs have been produced from the programs.


To tap into additional energy savings in Arizona, we urged the Commission to vote in favor of the renewal and extension of the existing Standard, as well as require state utilities to invest in energy efficiency.

Read the full letter.

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