Alliance Signs on to Coalition Letter in Support of North Carolina Energy Efficiency Bill HB 330

Jul 1, 2019


The Alliance for Industrial Efficiency signed on to letter with 14 businesses and organizations urging the North Carolina Senate to take action on House Bill 330 (HB 330). The bill adopts the North Carolina Energy Policy Council’s recommendation to increase the goal to reduce energy consumption in state-owned buildings by 40% by 2025 and would enable consumers and businesses to reap further benefits from energy efficiency upgrades. It also builds off of the success of Senate Bill 668 which, in 2007, set a goal for a 30% reduction in energy and water use in state-owned buildings and has saved taxpayers $1.4 billion in energy cost reductions since 2003. HB 330’s larger goal would save the state an additional $1.1 billion and taxpayers $252 million by 2025 that could be reinvested to increase the competitiveness of North Carolina’s economy.