Alliance Releases Memo on Savings from Pennsylvania’s Phase II Energy Efficiency Programs and Potential Losses from an Opt Out

Jun 23, 2017


Today, the Alliance released a memo summarizing results from an independent statewide evaluation of the Pennsylvania’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation programs. The evaluation found that Pennsylvania’s Phase II (2008-2013) commercial and industrial (C&I) programs were highly successful. The programs: 

  • Saved 1,337,127 MWh/year total (equivalent to the energy it takes to power 99,229 homes for a full year). Our calculations find this will save Pennsylvanian ratepayers over $95 million on their electricity bills annually.
  • Trailed only the residential sector in statewide savings at the sector level.
  • Accounted for the highest sector savings for two utilities, PPL and Duquesne. 
  • Resulted in 223 MW of peak demand savings in Phase II (equivalent to a small power plant). 

The memo also examines the effects of a hypothetical opt out using three scenarios. In the most conservative of these scenarios (assuming only 20% of participants opt out of one year of the programs), Pennsylvania’s ratepayers would forego over 7.3 billion MWh of lifetime energy savings. That is equivalent to over $369 million in missed bill savings. Read the memo here.