Two-Part Webinar Series on Setting and Achieving Energy Efficiency Targets in the Manufacturing Sector

The Alliance for Industrial Efficiency hosted a two-part webinar series in partnership with Ceres on emerging industrial energy management best practices to cut energy waste, reduce operating costs, earn recognition, and curb emissions. A recording of both webinars and copies of the slides are now available below.

Webinar 1: The Power of Energy Efficiency Goals: A Conversation with Large U.S. Manufacturers on Thursday, September 6, 2018

By adopting goals to increase energy efficiency and making those goals public, manufacturing companies are able to demonstrate a commitment to controlling costs and reducing climate risk. A recent Alliance for Industrial Efficiency report examines the public energy efficiency goals of 160 of the nation’s largest companies with a combined 2,100 manufacturing facilities in the United States. It found that the majority of the largest manufacturers in the United States have established robust public targets to reduce their energy use and/or greenhouse gas emissions.

Watch this webinar, hosted by the Alliance for Industrial Efficiency and Ceres, to:

  • Learn about key findings from the Alliance for Industrial Efficiency report;
  • Hear how leading manufacturers ArcelorMittalCargill, and Cummins set and continuously work to achieve their energy efficiency and GHG targets; and
  • Understand why public goals and commitments are important to investors like Boston Common Asset Management.

Download a PDF copy of our slides here.


Webinar 2: Get Ready for U.S. DOE’s 50001 Ready: Next Gen Industrial Energy Management to Cut Costs & Emissions on Thursday, September 13, 2018

Companies that implement the international 50001 Ready standard have achieved sustained savings of 3-4 percent per year without costly capital equipment upgrades. Now, U.S. DOE’s 50001 Ready portal allows companies to self-certify to the global 50001 standard without costly third-party verification and earn recognition from the U.S. Department of Energy. Through 50001 Ready, companies are able to implement a step-by-step program to better manage energy use, enabling companies to set and meet realistic energy savings goals.

Attend this webinar, hosted by the Alliance for Industrial Efficiency and Ceres, to:

  • Learn how the U.S. Department of Energy’s 50001 Ready program can help companies set and achieve energy savings targets;
  • Hear how leading steelmaker ArcelorMittal achieved 50001 Ready recognition from U.S. DOE at its Cleveland plant;
  • Learn how Comau, the industrial automation giant, reduced energy costs and emissions by implementing 50001;
  • Understand why institutional investors such as the New York State Comptroller’s Office value energy efficiency goals and 50001 Ready as indicators that companies are effectively managing costs as well as sustainability risks.


Download a PDF copy of our slides here.