Presentation: Alliance Joins Ohio CHP Connection Webinar on Hidden Barriers to CHP – Standby Rates and Ratchet Charges in Ohio

On November 2, the Ohio CHP Connection hosted a webinar on Hidden Barriers to CHP: Standby Rates and Ratchet Charges in Ohio. The webinar features Jennifer Kefer, Executive Director of the Alliance for Industrial Efficiency, who identified the problem and laid out best practices for standby rates. Jamie Scripps of 5 Lakes Energy and Anna Dirkswager of the Great Plains Institute then detailed their analysis of the charges that pose barriers to broader deployment of CHP in Ohio. The webinar highlighted what improvements to the standby rates and ratchet charges would help CHP flourish in Ohio, and was followed by a Q&A session moderated by Miranda Leppla, Clean Energy Attorney at the Ohio Environmental Council.

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