What We Do

The Combined Heat and Power Alliance advocates for state and federal policies that reduce financial and regulatory barriers for CHP and WHP. We work to expand markets for CHP and WHP systems by supporting smart energy legislation and by highlighting the role that CHP and WHP can play in reducing emissions.

The National Voice for CHP

The CHP Alliance promotes CHP/WHP and its benefits and advocate for supportive policies to federal and state policy makers, the media, and key opinion leaders. Since our launch in 2010, we have been the premier national organization advancing policies to support CHP and to communicate with the public about CHP and its benefits.

A Respected Convener

The CHP Alliance brings together diverse stakeholders from throughout the CHP value chain to discuss key issues and challenges for CHP. We bring together our members together to participate in Policy and Outreach Committee meetings and in-person meetings and conferences.

An Advocacy Exchange

The CHP Alliance regularly communicates with a broad network of national, regional and state-based market and policy experts and rapidly moves successes in one area to other states and regions. We deliver key wins—from extending the CHP investment tax credit, to ensuring continued funding for the Department of Energy’s Technical Assistance Partnerships, to confirming the inclusion of CHP and WHP in state clean energy plans.