45+ Organizations Submit Letter Supporting FY23 Funding for ENERGY STAR

May 13, 2022


On April 28, 45+ organizations, including the Combined Heat and Power Alliance and other affiliate members, submitted a letter to the House and Senate Interior, Environment and Related Agencies appropriations subcommittees calling for an increase in the ENERGY STAR FY23 budget to $80 million. ENERGY STAR is well known for its ability to facilitate energy savings for consumers and to encourage innovation in residential construction and appliance manufacturing. In 2019 alone, ENERGY STAR saved American consumers and businesses more than $39 billion in avoided energy costs. During the same period ENERGY STAR accounted for nearly 390 million metric tons of emissions reductions – equivalent to roughly 5% of U.S. GHG emissions. This request to double the ENERGY STAR budget to $80 million reflects the urgency to address climate change and the need to prioritize energy efficiency solutions as consumers and businesses are faced with higher energy costs.

Read the full funding request letter here.